Jason was born on May 17, 1978 to Mike & Teresa Dension in Memphis, TN. He was born into a legacy of Grace and Godliness. Jason's parents were both committed to the Lord when he was born and both come from families that not only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ but serve Him daily. Jason's parents, Mike & Teresa, are baptist missionaries to Mexico where Jason grew up most of his teen years, learning and watching his parents sacrifice and serve the Lord with great diligence. Jason is the oldest of three children, his brother Jeremy and sister Jessica, also grew up in Mexico and have a great desire to do more than people who know and believe on God, but who seek Him daily and serve Him with all of their being.

Jason is very active in his local church. He just wrapped up a year and half ministry at a local inner-city ministry, New Life Baptist Church, in Memphis, where he assisted the Youth Pastor and Teens, Directed the Choir, was song director, sound and technical lead, as well as organizing each service and making sure everything was carried out as planned. He also taught Sunday School occasionally and the Wednesday night Teen Rally's, as well as actively participated in the Evangelism programs at the church. Last but not least, Jason, using his most notable skill, built and maintained the church website which allowed members to view the church calendar, birthdays, events, and also gave them a place to view photos, get daily devotionals, search the scriptures, and much more.

Jason began to love music and singing at an early age of 6 years old. His favorite past times were singing with his favorite singers and putting on "pretend" concerts. It has been a passion of his ever since and finally at the age of 26 he has been able to see a huge step toward that dream with this first recording, Demonstration. For many years as Jason struggled, as most teens do, about what he believed and what his purpose and focus in life



would be, Jason wanted to be a famous singer, with money, wealth, and the lights that the Devil seem to lure him with. But after many trials and always coming back to what his parents taught him, He began to have and seek and desire a one-on-one relationship with the God who created all things. "I remember realizing that I could never truly be happy, full of joy, and have any real meaning in my life, unless I was totally sold out to Christ and right in the center of His Will, no matter what that was." - Jason

As Jason continues to seek after Christ and after what he feels God has created him for, he will remember that above all, God is the only one that can bring anything good out of the flesh and his main goal in life is to continue to grow in Christ, building that relationship with Him and seeking Him first above everything else. With this in mind and as you become more aquatinted with Jason you can see that it's more than music, singing, and words... It's a ministry, a heart beat that he yearns for. "I want to reveal God's Grace to the broken hearted Christian, to shine the light in their despair... I want to reflect the Son of Man and glorify Him and everything I do to testify of His love and abundant grace. To offer hope to the hopeless, to encourage the weary ,and to strengthen the weak. If we all can just keep our eyes on Heaven, then we can fight as one and win more people to Christ" - Jason

Jason Denison of Memphis, TN