I'd just like to take this place to explain about each song and why we decided to do the ones that made the final cut. It has been a long year, and a journey to a deeper understanding of myself, my music, my heart, and most of all my relationship with God, or rather the lack of it. HOW DEEP THE FATHER'S LOVE FOR US was a song I just fell in love with the first time I heard it by Phillips, Craig & Dean. I cried so many times listening to that song and realizing the depths of it. GOD OF WONDERS is just an incredible song. I love to do this live with pictures of nature, storms and all of the wonders that God created. This is very much a Praise the LORD song. YOUR LOVE IS AMAZING is just a song I love to sing and listen to. It really just lifts everything up to GOD and praises Him and gets your soul in a worshipping mode. HE'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES this is a special song that was a must for this CD. The first time I heard it, it was if it was written for me. I've been praying for this person for a year and half now and the first verse and the entire song is dedicated to them and my hope for them. This is a song of grace and hope for those who can't see God, He's still there! LET THE WALLS COME DOWN another Steve Green song that was a must for this project. It speaks of my despair and hope for the future of my bothers and sisters in Christ. We have to stop forgetting the weightier matters and take up the cross and keep our focus on what we are called and commanded to do...to spread the gospel that Jesus Saves, by faith alone and not of works or baptism lest any man should boast. HOLDING HANDS & I WILL BE HERE a lot of people know I'm single and wonder why I put this on here. This is my belief of how I want my marriage to be one day and I hope that it's a song that you can play for your girlfriend or wife and express your heart to them. THANK YOU wow! this is the first song I ever did live and it is probably a foundational song for me. The words are so true and the second verse, because I'm a Missionary Kid, just always get deep into my soul. This one was a lot of fun, I did a special mix on this one and backed myself up and just really let everything creative come into this,